Women are such amazing beings. Smile, because you know it’s true!

We play so many roles that we often don’t receive enough credit for it. We become so caught up in being that great mom, that loyal wife/girlfriend, that ride or die friend/sister/cousin and so much more. Often while doing all of this we sometimes lose our way and need a reminder that we are women first; intelligent, caring, beautiful, loving and WORTHY.

I created Worthy Jewels as a way to showcase unique pieces for the woman with her own personal style; for the woman who loves to make a statement during the day and night. Each hand-selected piece of jewelry we offer is a mix of 14K gold plated, sterling silver or stainless steel. Our clothing and accessory pieces will have you being admired for your style from head to toe.

Your support means so much to an entrepreneur such as myself. I can’t thank you enough for shopping with Worthy Jewels!